Valued Customers

Can we begin by saying a big thank you to everyone who has visited the Square in recent weeks. These are exceptional and challenging times for the hospitality sector and your continued support and understanding is crucial as our industry faces an uncertain future.

We reopened in July and now is a good time to remind customers of our operating protocols.

Clearly the vast majority of customers do understand the current government guidelines but the odd incident has required staff to step in! We understand and share your frustrations but mutual respect is required for those guidelines to work. Please remember this is government advice – designed to protect both staff and customers alike and provide you with a safe, secure and enjoyable customer experience. Groups or individuals that seek to “stretch” these guidelines risk upsetting the balanced environment we seek to provide, so your continued help is very much appreciated.

We have been reassuringly busy over the last few weeks meaning we can approach the winter months with a degree of certainty and confidence.

Our new 100 Club continues to grow, along with our extended food offer, now available until 8pm and our lunch and breakfast service has never been busier!

The secret of our success is to offer a wide variety of hospitality – our comprehensive range of drinks and freshly prepared food are of course key elements but we also offer a selection of sports for you to enjoy. This requires a great degree of flexibility on our part and understanding on your part to ensure we get the balance right.

The winter months can be dark and depressing so we want everyone to enjoy the mix The Orange Square offers. We have some great football, rugby and golf on the horizon to enjoy so get your table bookings in early!

As I said, these are difficult days for our sector but we have an excellent team of experienced staff ready to provide the quality experience you deserve and expect. We are also looking ahead to the festive season, so any suggestions as to what you would like us to offer are welcomed!

By working together, observing the guidelines, we can eat, drink and really enjoy the weeks ahead.


Pete & the Team

Orange Square

Working together

Socialise with confidence